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I was recently contacted by an investment real estate client who needed to sell his condominium.

Since I do not specialize in this asset class, I gladly referred him to Anna Marie at Sand and Sea Realty, having known her for nearly 25 years and being aware of her immense knowledge and expertise in this field. She quickly orchestrated the listing, showings and many other elements of a highly complicated and logistically challenging transaction as the owner lived in Greece, and the legalities with the owner’s location, the HOA and the removal of personal property associated with the sale where difficult and required experienced hands. Annemarie was beyond helpful and handled this transaction in a more than professional, calm and experienced manner, which was greatly appreciated by the owner and all parties involved. I will not hesitate to refer her more business in the further. Gary Urtiaga Sr. VP ARG San Diego

Gary Urtiaga, Sr. VP ARG-San Diego

Anna Marie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and that's why I keep trusting her when buying and selling homes in the past 10 years.

She helped me sell at a very bad time and got me out of a very bad situation years ago. Then a couple years ago she was able to help me buy again and now that I am thinking about moving out of state, I am going to rely on her to help me sell the new place. I trust her completely, and wouldn't think of anyone else!!

Juliana Rillos

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